Therapeutic Leisure Program

Transforming Lives through Behavioral Management has recognized a need for services for the aging population. Our Therapeutic Leisure Program is conveniently located within our main site. We offer these services to the aging population. Our program includes a structured day and community outings. Various therapeutic groups will be incorporated throughout the program to include art & music therapy, arts and crafts, physical and mental activities.

Neil A. Quatrano, Founder Behavioral Management, LLC website:

Tel: 203-785-9110

Directly at 475-234-5541

In addition to this service, we offer Respite; A service purely to give the caregiver a needed break. We provide this site-based service in our North Haven building. During respite, our staff will ensure the safety of the people in the program. Arts + Crafts and community excursions may be incorporated. This service is offered after Day Program hours as well as on weekends.