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Individualize Day Program

Individualized Day Program

For people who have more intense behavioral, emotional and intellectual difficulties, we offer individualized programs. *This is offered within the community with the support of our highly-trained staff as well as on site.

The individualized day program is broken down into two different types of services. These are our Individualized Day Non-Vocational and our Individualized Day Vocational programs.

The no vocational program is geared towards those individuals whose behavior and intellectual disabilities prohibit them from joining the workforce.

The vocational program offers support to individuals who express an interest in finding gainful employment. Our staff will assist these individuals in job readiness skills as well as assistance with completing the job applications. Our staff will support individuals for as long as necessary until they are able to be independent.

Neil A. Quatrano, Founder Behavioral Management, LLC website: Tel: 203-785-9110 Directly at 475-234-5541

In addition to this service, we offer Respite; A service purely to give the caregiver a needed break. We provide this site-based service in our North Haven building. During respite, our staff will ensure the safety of the people in the program. Arts + Crafts and community excursions may be incorporated. This service is offered after Day Program hours as well as on weekends.