Day Support Option

Our Day Support Option is a group program designed to assist individuals in acquiring, enhancing, and maintaining skills related to work, community engagement, and meaningful socialization and leisure activities. 

Our supports focus on developing, maintaining, and improving independent functioning skills such as sensory and motor abilities, cognition, personal grooming, hygiene, and skills for daily interactions. Additionally, we provide opportunities for developing work skills and earning money.

Neil Quatrano

Founder Behavioral Management, LLC website:
Tel: 203-785-9110    Directly at 475-234-5541

Neil Quatrano has over 20 years experience as a behavioral specialist. He has worked with all populations and ages. Neil is the author of “The Toolbox Approach©”, a strength-based and proactive philosophy that assists individuals in achieving their maximum potential.

In addition to this service, we offer Respite; A service purely to give the caregiver a needed break. We provide this site-based service in our North Haven building. During respite, our staff will ensure the safety of the people in the program. Arts + Crafts and community excursions may be incorporated. This service is offered after Day Program hours as well as on weekends.